So you are reading this? Great!!! All I can say is that are you going to try the rest? Go one better and try the best!!! On a serious note, I have been a client that was almost bed-ridden 18 months ago, who is now looking forward to starting to hill walk once more... need I say more?

Proof in the pudding... my heartfelt thanks Roger.
— Abigail P, Aberbeeg

I have known Roger for over 2 years and can highly recommend his services. In 2014 I had a serious accident that affected my spine, lower back, shoulders and left arm. I was left with chronic pain, which affected my left arm to an extent that I could not sleep or have full movement of that limb. Doctors told me that there was nothing they could do, I was to learn to live with it.

I could not believe that after my first session with Roger I had some pain relief. Following sessions have gave me back the full use of my arm and I was able to sleep on my left side. Roger has worked on my lower back and that has given me such relief that I do not have to use my walker. He also helped me to recover from broken ribs after a fall.

I routinely see Roger as a maintenance of my physical health. At times he uses the kinesiology tape as it gives me such relief of localised pain, as I also have osteoarthritis and Fibromyalgia.

I find Roger very knowledgeable, kind and thoughtful, he is always studying something new and learning new skills. He is constantly improving his skills to offer an up to date treatment .He is trustworthy and honest, if he cannot treat you, he will explain why and recommend another professional or ask you to return to your doctor.

I trust Roger 100% to look after my family and myself.
— Marcia B, Govilon Abergavenny

Roger has provided a sports massage service to our team for several years. His intervention has enabled our injured players to return to playing much sooner than was the usual. Both helpful, knowledgeable and affordable. Keep it up Roger.
— Kieron B, Cwmcarn United RFC

We started using Roger a couple of years ago after my son complained of tightness in his leg. Roger diagnosed the problem and through regular massages have ensured even through the most aggressive racing schedule his legs remain injury free and tip top condition.
— Mr R Coombe


I am a cyclist of many years currently with the Welsh Academy team racing in the UK and Europe . I have been really helped to keep to my training plan by Roger’s regular sports massage. He has been great at not only preventing injuries but also sharing his knowledge to help me avoid them in the first place.

Roger is very friendly and I would highly recommend his professional sports massage to any sports person.
— Dan Coombe, Welsh Junior Road & Track Cyclist

Roger works with the athletes at Team Davey Kickboxing and offers them massage regularly, not only has he helped me personally but he never fails to make other people’s training and competing careers more relaxed and pain free. Roger is definitely an asset here at Team Davey Kickboxing!
— Gary Davey, Chief Instructor, Team Wales Kickboxing

Having heard many positive comments about Roger’s massage treatments.
When I had a painful knee I called him in and was pleased to find the discomfort quickly eased 😊
— Denice R, Abersychan

Roger has had a massive influence on my kickboxing journey these past 4 years. I obtained a back injury when fight a couple years ago which had a massive affect on my daily activities as well as training. Whenever I fought, there was an immense pressure in my back that stopped me from competing and training for over a year. I went through various obvs and trauma appointments only for them to say my kickboxing career had come to an end. I was adamant that it wasn’t and tried my hardest to keep training but it only made my injury worse. After a couple months of giving up trying to find a solution I came across Roger. After a few sessions of sport massage I was able to get back training and within a couple month get back to competing slowly!

4 years on I am competing full time with the help of massage and taping and cannot thank Roger enough.
— Stacy Davey, Women's Open Weight Grand Champion