What is Sports Massage?

Sports Massage includes a consultation and range of movement that will provide relevant information about your physical condition past and present. We will also discuss the sport you participate in and the injuries you have incurred. The treatment is unique to you, your sport, your state of fitness or injury and your athletic goals. Throughout the sessions a number of adapted tests for strength, suppleness and pain-free range of movement will be undertaken.

If participating in physical activity is impossible or limited by pain/discomfort Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy may help. This treatment is also beneficial to increase flexibility and/or strengthen muscles. Sports & Remedial Massage Therapy is also advisable to relieve daily problems and stresses you may experience. Some of the common injuries/complaints that can be treated with Sports & Remedial Massage include:

Muscle Damage

Tendon Damage

Ligament Damage

Muscle Stiffness

Sore Muscles & Knots

Sciatica Related Pain

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