What is Remedial Massage?

When muscles and tendons become damaged or impaired, knotted and tense or immobile, Remedial Massage provides a healing treatment that can be gentle or strong, deep or shallow. Remedial massage holistically treats the whole body and traces the discomfort as far as possible back to the original cause, healing both the cause of the disorder as well as the symptoms. It uses several specialised techniques to locate and repair damage and to support and speed up the body’s own repair mechanisms. The massage is applied directly to the skin using a lubricating medium, usually oil, which ensures that the muscles associated with the disorder and mobilisation of the joint is deeply penetrated. Passive stretching moves are also used.

Key benefits of Remedial Massage include: The stimulation to the blood supply allowing toxins in the muscles to be removed; the calming of the peripheral nervous system to ease pain and discomfort; and the toning and relaxing of muscles to improve joint mobility. An improvement to the health of the cells, the repairing of tissues, and the easing of stiffness and tension can also be experienced through therapeutic relaxation.This therapy treats:

Muscle/Tendon/Ligament Damage

Muscle Stiffness/Tightness

Sciatica or Arthritic Pain

Neck, Shoulder, Leg, Arm and/or Back Pain

Migraine or Sinus Pain

Disturbed Sleep

Sore/Aching Muscles

Injuries such as Whiplash or Back Strain

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