Therapi Tylino Stories: Stacey Davey

I became acquainted with Gary Davey, Stacey’s dad, when he was training the Torfaen Dragons Kickboxing squad at the Football Factory, Cwmbran, in the autumn of 2014. During on of their training sessions, I introduced myself to Gary and he asked would I take a look at Stacey’s back.

I discussed Stacey’s difficulty with her Mam, Rachel. I agreed to assess Stacey’s back, provided her Mam chaperoned Stacey, as she was under age at the time. There were muscle tremors in the muscles of the hamstrings, quadriceps, buttocks and Lumbar back, QL’s, quadratus lumborum, and obliques. When I was shown the Kickboxing fighting title and photos of Stacey kicking a person in the head who was 6’ 6”, I started understand the possible reason for the muscle tremor.

The treatment plan included sports massage with controlled exercises, no kicking though. As the weeks went on and the sessions and exercises became more intense, changes in the muscles were felt by Stacey and myself. Her Mam and Dad could see the difference in Stacey not only physically but in her attitude as well. Stacey was regaining her confidence and enjoyed the exercise again.

Prior to her muscular difficulty Stacey had been a Junior Kickboxing Champion

In 2016 she won:

WAKO British Championships 2016

Junior Female - 65kg Light Contact, Stacey Davey (Torfaen Dragons) 3rd

Junior Female - 70kg Points Fighting Stacey Davey (Torfaen Dragons) 3rd

In 2017 she won:

WAKO  British  Championships  2017

Junior  Female - 65kg Light  Contact Stacey Davey (Torfaen Dragons) 2nd


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