A wonderful poem about therapy

If you’re someone struggling with physical or emotional pain,

To help you work, play and live without limits, is our No.1 aim.

Beginning with consultation, a full assessment we will make,

And together we’ll decide upon the course of treatment to undertake.

Health is a state of the body, whereas wellness is a state of the mind,

Therefore, at Therapi Tylino all kind of treatments you will find.

Perhaps you’ve been struggling with a long-standing sports injury,

Or we can help you feel revitalised with a course of aromatherapy.

Maybe an Indian Head Massage for tension in your shoulders, neck and face,

We can conduct all of these treatments at your home or your work place.

We’ll fit into your schedule, our on-site service makes it easy for you,

Our testimonials read of our professionalism and our friendly service too.

Wellbeing is our passion, in our work we take such pride,

So, get in touch and find out more about the services we provide.

Therapitylino Poem
Geoff Harper